PlayMagic is an american company that develop videogames for Console and PC. With a studio based in Malta, and one in Kiev, the company is currently working on the Remake of Ubisoft’s XIII for Xbox One, PS4,Nintendo Switch FPS, PC and Mac and on another unannounced License based remaster. The 45 people team at PlayMagic has designed and worked on top selling console and PC franchises. PlayMagic specializes in working on high profile licenses and creating original IP across a wide range of formats for the hard-core market segment.



Graphics Programmer

Graphics Programmers, in close collaboration with other disciplines, develop and integrate new rendering features and refine existing technologies and pipelines.

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Level Designer

Whitebox levels, implement and tweak systems, create fun gameplay, balance pacing Unity/UE4.

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Lead Designer

Lead a Team of talented Level and Game designers and Build exciting titles for console and PC.

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Build and Release Engineer

Develop and maintain the philosophies, practices, and tools that enable the company’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity.

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Senior Programmer

Write clean, quality and professional code delivering original games as part of a team. Console + Desktop, UE4.

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Senior Animator

Take animation from concept to completion. Design and implement animation behaviour systems. Console + VR, UE4.

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Experienced Animator

Work closely with the Lead Animator and Art Lead to create compelling animations across multiple ongoing projects. Console & Desktop, Unity / UE4.

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Entry Animator

As Entry Animator you will join an established and experienced animation team working with Maya and Unity.

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Art Outsource Manager

Manage and review exciting 3D models from artists all over the world. Own and drive the creative loop. Max and Maya, Unity & UE4.

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Where is PlayMagic located?

PlayMagic Headquarters are located in the sunny island of Malta, one of the new upcoming game development hubs in Europe.

How can I get a job or internship at PlayMagic?

We always looking for talent that can join the company and work on the next big title. Check our Careers page where we will post about open positions within the company.

Where can I buy PlayMagic games?

You can purchase our games from the major digital stores such Appstore, Google Store, Amazon, Steam, Windows Store as well as Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

Can I come visit your studio?

To visit our studio you must set an appointment through our contact page, specifying the reason of your visit.