With about 20 years of experience, 50 games and a great expertise, it is an immense pleasure to welcome Jim as PlayMagic Studio Director.

From the bottom to the top, Jim went progressively from QA Technician to Studio Director at Codemasters. He also occupied many positions such as Level Designer, Game Designer and Producer which allowed him to strongly develop diverse and complementary skills.
Through these years, Jim worked on famous games such as Operation Flashpoint and Colin McRae Rally. He also built a huge knowledge in the MMO genre working on Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons & Dragons Online.
His management, leadership and expertise of the videogame industry are highly valuable and regarded and we are sure it will lead our studio to do even more great stuff!

About joining our company, Jim says : “PlayMagic is such an exciting opportunity! Being able to work with a great team and for someone I respect, I couldn’t turn it down. The people, projects and company approach are first class.”

We are higly excited about Jim joining PlayMagic and we wish him all the best !

His favourite games: Super Mario World (SNES) – Street Fighter II (Arcade) – World of Warcraft (PC)