Straight from the USA, we have the pleasure to welcome Julius, our new Lead Designer.

After several years at Crytek working on huge projects like Crysis 3 & Warface, Julius played a critical role in Crytek’s VR locomotion research as well as contributing to the success of several VR titles such as: Robinson the Journey and The Climb.
When asked why he joined the team, Julius said: ” I chose to join PlayMagic for several reasons; First-off PlayMagic has huge potential to really do something great and I want to be a part of that! Also, the people are “professional and open-minded”, making it a very pleasant company culture. Joining PlayMagic was a “No-brainer”.

With 7 years of great experience and a very strong creative mind, Julius will certainly improve our expertise as a team. Welcome Julius!

His favourite games: Final Fantasy 7 – Freedom Fighters – Gunstar Heroes