Today we welcome our new Lead Artist, Nick, who just arrived from Greece to join our Team.

With about 8 years of experience in the Greek studios Aventurine S.A and Jinxsoft, Nick built a strong knowledge in MMORPG realization.
He worked on famous MMORPGs like Darkfall Online and Darkfall Unholy War were he began as a Worbuilder/Level Designer and achieved the role of Lead Level Designer.
Before joining us, he achieved the role of Lead Artist, where he helped his team evolve their projects visually, and brought more life to their MMO universe.

Nick says “I am really pleased to join PlayMagic and impatient to expand my VR knowledge on the big titles that are planned”.

As a gamer, he qualified himself as a “Crazy completionist”

His favourite games: The Witcher 3 – Spec Ops the Line – Bioshock Infinite